Face-To-Face Coaching

Sessions can take place at a mutually agreed upon location such as a coffee shop, your home, or an office space. I will make it convenient and comfortable for you.

Virtual Coaching

Try this approach from anywhere you are; your home, office, or even traveling. This allows me to work with anyone, anywhere who has access to a virtual platform.


I provide walk and talk sessions, locally in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas. I take our session outside and walk at a local park or trail so that we can get some sunshine and fresh air. 

I Provide Coaching Services

Specifically for Women

My goal is to provide clients with the best services and to help them work through the challenges they face.


Popular Question

Answers to common questions people ask.​

Mental Wellness Coaching is not covered by insurance. There are a couple of reasons people may choose coaching over therapy:

Diagnosis: Insurance plans require that all clients be given a diagnosis to cover treatment. However, not all people who seek out services meet the criteria for a mental health diagnosis and could instead be struggling with life changes or adjustments. 

Limitations of Treatment: Insurance companies dictate how long treatment will last and what modalities can be used. Without flexibility, it may not always meet the client where they are at. 

Confidentiality: When using insurance, therapy can become a part of your medical records. 

While the focus of therapy is on the causes and treatment of dysfunction related to mental health and issues from the past, coaching is focused on making lifestyle changes in the present and goal setting for the future.

My approach is collaborative and based on helping you to achieve certain goals.

About Me

Kim Sellers



Salus Mental Wellness was born out of my passion for helping others through a holistic approach by focusing on the “whole person”. Our mental wellness is impacted by so many factors including stress, nutrition, the gut-brain axis, movement, sleep, relationships and our environment. The Mind-Body connection is the link between our emotional and mental health and our physical health. How our body feels impacts our emotions. As an LISW-S, I have spent time providing traditional therapy in private practice. Moving into the coaching/consulting space allows me to work alongside my clients to tap into a variety of tools to support your overall mental wellness. There is an emphasis on focusing on the future and your goals without concentrating on a diagnosis. I look forward to working with you!


Pricing Packages

Please contact me if you would like a personalized treatment plan.

Face to face sessions

$ 100 / hr
  • Purchase 3 sessions for $285
  • Purchase 5 sessions for $480

Virtual Coaching

$ 90 / hr
  • Purchase 3 sessions for $255
  • Purchase 5 sessions for $430

walk and talk

$ 100 / hr
  • Purchase 3 sessions for $285
  • Purchase 5 sessions for $480